Some of the more frequently asked questions – please do get in touch if your query isn’t answered here.

My puppy has not had all his injections yet, can he still come to class?

I’m happy to take puppies which have had their first vaccination provided all the other puppies in the group have had theirs. (It is safe for unvaccinated puppies to mix with vaccinated dogs – it is only unvaccinated ones which present a risk.)

My class venue does not allow any other dogs to be on the premises at any other time,  so it is incredibly safe for your puppy. However, please do take your vet’s advice on this matter. 

Do you accept all breeds of dog in class?

Yes, I enjoy training all kinds of different breeds! I also love mongrels and crossbreeds, as well as rescue dogs.

Can my children come to class?

Yes! The whole family needs to learn how to handle and train your dog, and children over the age of seven or eight usually make fabulous trainers – often even better than adults.

I do not allow children or young people under the age of 16 to come to the classes unaccompanied. If you want to bring children are under the age of seven, it can be difficult to train your dog and keep an eye on them too, so I tend to recommend that you bring someone to care for your kids while you concentrate on training.

I have a disability, will this be a problem?

My training is easy for all, and can be adapted to you individually. Please let me know in advance if you have a special requirement – if you are hard of hearing, for example – I can then make sure you get the best out of your class.

My dog has just come into season, can I still bring her to class?

Sorry, but for obvious reasons, bitches in season cannot come to class. However, I would love you to still attend, so you can carry on training at home.

I need to miss a class, what should I do?

If you know in advance that you will miss a class, please let me know and I can give you extra help so that you catch up before the next lesson. In some circumstances, it can be useful for you to re-take the class that you have missed on another course, but please speak to me first about this so I can make sure there is space for you.