Why choose the Clever Dog Company Puppy Classes?

Bath Classes Training

If you’re considering coming to join me for dog training classes in Bath, here’s what my classes offer to help you make up your mind:

  • A four week course with experienced and qualified instructor – all of whom understand behaviour as well as training
  • Very small classes
  • Puppy Survival Guide booklet before the course starts (or alternative for progression courses)
  • Course booklet (Hands Off) which guides you through each exercise
  • DVD with lesson plans on it for you to watch again & again – retail price £29.95
  • Clicker – so you can practise at home
  • Opportunity to move on with progressive classes: Puppy II, Graduate, Rally UK, Tricks classes and more

I also use the most up-to-date dog training methods – which are all positive, reward-based.

New Venue! New Classes!

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Very excited to share news of our new dog training venue in Weston, Bath. The Weston Scout Hall is a fantastic space for our classes, allowing plenty of room for all exercises and we will be taking it over on Tuesday evenings.

Puppy Level One Training and Socialisation Classes are starting Tuesday March 11th. It is a 4-week course, running for an hour starting at 6.45pm.

Limited spaces, so get in touch to book in now:

info@ruffhounds.co.uk or 07985 419149

» Learn more about the classes.

Getting the most from your dog training classes

Classes Training

I want you to enjoy your classes and also to achieve the best results with your dog.

Practise makes perfect – in class!

The more training practise you do with your dog, the better the results. Use your class time constructively – the more repetitions you can fit into the class time, the better your dog’s responses will be. It’s also a great chance to practise with the distraction of other dogs present.

Practise makes perfect – at home!

Week by week we can tell who’s done their homework and who hasn’t. Training sessions can be easily fitted into your daily routine even if you are very busy – try to fit in just one or two minutes several times a day. Practise the exercises while waiting for the kettle to boil, the dinner to cook, or during the advert break of your favourite tv show. Integrate training into your every day life and you’ll reap the rewards.

Keep your dog motivated.

Some dogs may seem distracted in classes, especially at the outset, simply because they are not used to having to concentrate when other dogs are about. Use really tasty food to get your dog’s attention – pieces of cooked chicken, hot dog sausage, cheese, or even cooked fish if your dog has a delicate tummy.

Train in lots of different situations.

Once your dog understands an exercise, such as sit, down or “leave it”, it’s essential to practise it in lots of different situations. Start with different rooms in your house, then build up the level of distraction slowly by moving to the garden, then the pavement outside, in the park, your local high street. Remember that once the presence of other dogs or people are bought into the equation you’ll need to motivate your dog even more.

Use your clicker.

Your clicker is the best training tool you have – take it everywhere with you (just remember to always back it up with a food reward)! Using the clicker will speed up your dog’s learning of new exercises and while you don’t have to use it forever, make sure you have the exercise nailed at all levels of distraction before putting away that clicker.

Ask questions!

Don’t wait until the last week of the course to tell us about a problem you’re having with your dog or to ask a question related to a specific exercise. Ask as many questions as you like throughout the course or ring/email me in-between classes. I want you to get the best possible results, as well as enjoying the classes too.

Happy training!