Liver Cake Recipe

My dogs go wild for Liver Cake – it definitely boosts a training session!


450g liver (or tuna if your dog has sensitive tum)
450g rice flour
2 free range eggs
One teaspoon of oil (preferably coconut)
Garlic clove (optional)


Liquidise liver (or tuna) with eggs, oil, and (optional) garlic in blender.

Add to flour and mix well. Add water if the mixture is too dry – you want it to be cake mixture consistency. Put into a microwave dish and cook on full power for about six-ten minutes. Or into the oven at 200°c for 20 minutes.
When cooked the cake should bounce back when pressed lightly.

Once cool, cut the cake into small cubes and freeze what you aren’t going to use over the next few days. Keep the rest in the fridge.

Take out of freezer when required and defrost before use.

Enjoy your dogs adoration!

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